“While studying at the School of Architecture at UNAM, I was introduced to the genius and his concept, one that was incomprehensible at first, but which gradually became immersed in me and changed me forever.

I understood that as an architect in the 20th century, I had to reject excesses and meaningless decorations. I learned that honesty in shapes was non-negotiable as a value, and that the end must rule over the means. Suddenly, the most solid principles of my career started to take shape.

Today, 30 years later, this concept has become a way of life, reaching and affecting all of its facets.

A powerful, three-word concept where so much is summarized; it is the sum of all ideas; with it, you can fill a cup or build a city.

The genius was Mies van der Rohe. The concept was LESS IS MORE.”

– Enrique Salcedo



Always doing things to the best of our knowledge and experience.


Everything we do must add value; otherwise, we don’t do it.


Honest and fair treatment to others and from others.


To our family, to our coworkers, and our clients.


Working together must be fun, always

Architectural Intelligence

It is a homogeneous mix of quality, efficiency, style, and optimization of resources and spaces. This work philosophy is applicable to architectural projects of any style and dimension.

With Architectural Intelligence, even when resources may vary depending on the project at hand, the commitment to doing an excellent and innovative job remains as follows: to improve the efficiency of the client’s money, and provide the best solution possible.